Best Beach Vacations In The World

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Beach vacation is always perfect both in summer and winter. You only have to find the right place to spend your vacation. This time, we have collected the best beach vacations in the world you need to start listing. All these places are extremely beautiful and going to give you the most memorable and lively holidays. From Europe to Asia, there are more than enough beaches with the most beautiful and breathtaking views.

 Best Beach Vacations In The World

Tikehau Island in French Polynesia

The French Polynesia has been known for its beautiful tropical holiday spots. This time, the Tikehau island is the star. Being a part of Polynesia means having the stunning white sandy beaches and perfect weather for tanning. This small island comes with pristine shore beautiful with bright blue water making it a perfect location for scuba diving and snorkeling. Or, you can just lie on the beach and enjoy the tanning while hearing the sound of the wind and waves. It takes only 55 minutes flight from island of Tahiti to get to this place.

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Dreamland Beach in Bali

If you ever visited the island of Bali in Indonesia, you certainly know how beautiful the beaches are along the coast of this island. This island is rather medium size that makes the island has so many beautiful natural attractions including Dreamland beach. This beach was once hidden until it was discovered in the 1970s and has started to become the hottest attraction that Bali has. This place has crystal clear water and perfect waves for beginner surfer. With a selection of resorts on the shore line, you can definitely enjoy a great holiday.


Bathsheba Beach in Barbados

Fly to Barbados to enjoy tropical holiday in the Bathsheba Beach. Once you arrived in this place, you will see how beautiful this beach is. It is decorated with the wild, rugged and untouched beauties that many photographers have been looking for. Only in this place that you can see the Soup Bowl which refers to the natural attraction of the waves crashing into huge boulders and white sand that create foamy effect.

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Seven Mile Beach in Cayman Islands

US also has a selection of perfect summer holiday destinations including the Cayman Islands. This time, Cayman presents the Seven Mile Beach that can be found on western shore. Being a public property, this place definitely is a great place to enjoy warm sunny days. One day, you can enjoy tanning on the beach and grab delicious lunch at the restaurant on the ocean side. Of course, you can do various water activities in this beach including snorkeling, swimming and other challenging sports with your friends and family.


Horseshoe Bay In Bermuda

A bit far from US, Bermuda Island has what everyone wants to enjoy, a perfect spot for tropical holiday. A Horseshoe Bay has becoming one among the most famous beaches the Bermuda has to offer. It is even like a hidden sport with dramatic rock formations and also shallow water which is perfect for the kids to swim. And, it also offers a selection of ocean side restaurant offering the best local cuisine made from the best local ingredients and seafood.

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