Best Christmas Vacation Spots In The World

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Christmas holiday doesn’t always mean snowy holiday because there are so many places with warm and sunny weather ready to let you enjoy great Christmas holiday. So this time, you need to fly further to the east to find the perfect sunny Best Christmas Vacation Spots. This way, you get the chance to enjoy the lively holidays with your closest friends and family.

 Best Christmas Vacation Spots

Kauai in Hawaii

Hawaii is a year-long vacation spot which means visiting Hawaii can be done anytime including in Christmas. This time, Hawaii offers the famous Kauai for balmy tropical holiday for you and your family. In this island, you get the chance to enjoy the sunny days while tanning and also joining various fun holiday events such as the Christmas hula concerts, lighted Christmas parade and Festival o Lights. Christmas holiday is also the right season to enjoy the majestic whale watching. Of course, you also get chance to enjoy and explore the stunning waterfalls across this island.

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Canary Island in Spain

Book your flight to Spain and head to Canary Island. This island has been a popular holiday destination including in December. With average warm temperature, Canary Island definitely provides great sunny days. Its coastline is long reaches up to 900 miles which means you have many beaches to enjoy and explore. Spend time at its soaring volcanoes as well for more adventurous holiday. Or, you can also enjoy the romantic night cruise that is usually held on December 20th to the famous Santa Cruz de la Palma. And once you get to the destination, there are festivals and other fun things waiting for you.


Sri Lanka

Instead of Thailand, choose Sri Lanka for more unique and laid back holiday in December. This country is located near in India so it has the similar culture. One thing that this country has to offer is so many beaches and sunshine. Of course, its culture is very fascinating and rich. You can see it from the ancient cities and buildings located across the country. And, you get the chance to see the wildlife as well including the glorious elephants and majestic tigers. Finding budget friendly hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka is easy. This way, you do not have to spend too much money for perfect family holiday.

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South Africa

Come to Africa and spend your Christmas holiday in South Africa. This is the most developed country in Africa continent so you can stay safe and secure during the holiday. Finding luxury accommodations is very easy in this country. Among the best attractions South Africa has to offer are the aerial wildlife safari, beautiful white sandy beaches near Cape Town, prime shark watching location and also spot of penguin colony.



Cyprus is a uniquely beautiful country that is filled with the dazzling Mediterranean warmth. This place has numerous picturesque beaches with azure colored waters. You can enjoy endless water activities in this island including swimming, snorkeling, sailing, fishing, bungee jumping and anything you want. You also get chance to enjoy the traditional winter wonderland in Troodos Mountain villages.

That’s the article about Best Christmas Vacation Spots, let’s spend your holiday time to vacation to the best place, for example like a vacation place above.