5 Best European Beach Vacations

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Spending holiday in Europe is certainly the best decision you will ever make. As a continent, Europe has so many beautiful places for all visitors. Name for what place you want for a holiday and Europe has it for you. This time, you will be taken to the best European beach vacations that will blow your mind. Yes, all the places are surprisingly beautiful with stunning natural attractions. And, the places do not have to be costly because there are some actual places offering affordable vacations just for you.

 Best European Beach Vacations

Navagio, Zakynthos Island in Greece

We all know how stunning Greece is especially with its long and epic histories. But this time, Greece takes you to closer to the coastline, to a place known as Navagio in the Zakynthos Island. Once you get to this place, you notice its famous spot, the weathered hulking hull that now sits right in middle of the famous crescent beach. Along the coastline, the white sands are scattered and make the bright blue water of Ionian sea even more beautiful. In the summer, visitors from worldwide seek for perfect summer holiday in this place. Of course, you also get chance to explore and experience local culture.

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Calanque d’en Vau in Cassis, France

This time, France gives you a perfect summer holiday in one of its most famous destination spots in Cassis known as Calanque d’en Vau. This particular place is perfect for adventurous visitors looking for secluded holiday spot with appealing attractions. The thing that makes this place majestic is its craggy cliffs and its contrast bright blue of the water. This place is the right spot to enjoy the Mediterranean-feel holiday together with your friends and family.


Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa, Italy

It seems never ends for Italy to present iconic and beautiful holiday destinations. When we are done with Venice and the iconic vineyard villages, we are taken to a place known as Rabbit Beach located in Lampedusa. Being one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Rabbit beach receives thousands of visitors every year. Only 100 miles from the Italian coast, this is definitely a haven for both snorkelers and swimmers. Just like other areas in Italy, you will experience the hospitality from the locals and great local cuisine to spoil your days.


Playa de Migjorn in Formentera, Spain

Spain is certainly one of the stars that Europe has. The area of Formentera has been known for iconic coastline beauties like the beaches with incredible scenery. Playa de Migjorn is one of the most popular spots in Formentera. Like other typical Spanish shore, this area spoils you with laid back and relaxing holiday where you can spend the entire afternoon tanning and swimming. Meanwhile, enjoy the oceanfront beverage services, long walk along the beach and wonderful local cultures. And, holiday in this place is also considered affordable.

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Zlatni Rat in Brac, Croatia

Another popular beach vacation in Europe has started to attract more and more visitors every year. Known as Zlatni Rat, this iconic destination is located in Brac, Croatia. This place offers unique shape with sandy surface perfect for all the sunbathers completed with other natural beauties like dark green forest, turquoise sea and bright white beach.

How after knowing Best European Beach Vacations, do you already have plans to go on vacation to the place above?