Best Places to Visit in Vermont During The Summer

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As summer is coming, most people do not really look at Vermont as a place to vacation in because in fact finding the Best Vacation Spots in Vermont during the summer can be rather difficult. However, with this article, you will get to know some of the best places to visit in Vermont, where it is beautiful during summer.


Mount Mansfield

Best Vacation Spots In Vermont

First of all, you must visit the Mount Mansfield when you visit Vermont during summer. With a height of 4393 feet, It is the highest mountain that Vermont has. Visiting this mountain starts with a steep drive, so you may want to rely on an experienced driver for the drive. After that, there is a place where you can park in and then you can start hiking the mountain. There are a lot of trails that you can choose to hike, so it is a great place because you can adjust your choice of trail depending on the level of difficulty you prefer. If you have never hiked before, then you can go on your first hike here and treasure the memory of the excitement and triumph you feel during a hike. Other than for the experience, going on a hike will also give you a breathtaking view.

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Shelburne Museum

Vacation Spots In Vermont

Art lovers will enjoy a visit to the Shelburne Museum. Even though there are various artworks displayed all throughout the 38 buildings that make up the Shelburne museum, the museum is not simply filled with art only. It also includes a lighthouse, a jail from the 1840s, a blacksmith shop, a carousel that is vintage yet still operating, a general store and there is much more, so you will never feel bored like how you might feel when visiting other museums.

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vacation in vermont in summer

Everyone loves to stay in a town that is friendly, so you can visit Stowe for this experience. Not only very friendly, the town also offers a lot of activities for you to do. There are bike paths all over the town, so you can go just about anywhere without riding on a car. Stowe has a lot of restaurants where you can dine in and also offers a lot of places for you to shop. There are also plenty of secret swimming holes that are hidden within this town which you can find. With all the bike paths, you will find the city as a healthy environment because you will either walk or bike to places and not rely on your car as you usually do.

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vacation in vermont in spring

Last but not least, you can visit the capital of Vermont during your stay in the state if you love the crowd because the city will be filled with people during summer. There, you can find a lot of small businesses that are self-owned and stores of a wide variety so you can browse through them and hopefully never get bored during the summer.

Knowing some of the best places to visit in Vermont that you can visit during the summer, are you intrigued to spend your next summer in the state?

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