Best Vacation Spots For College Students With A Tight Budget

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As a college student, you must need a vacation to escape your daily hectic life as a student and therefore you must get to know some of the best vacation spots for college students. Planning a trip when your budget is limited does not mean that it has to be as restricted as you think it will be. There are some countries where the costs of traveling can be only a little compared to how much you will have to pay if you were to choose other destinations.


Sri Lanka

Best Vacation Spots For College

If you love to visit the beaches and would like to visit a place with limitless beaches, then you must visit Sri Lanka. Other than that, you can enjoy enduring relics as well as savory food in this country. You may not expect this out of a tiny country, but it actually has eight of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The distances between places are also so short so it will be easy for you to get around without spending too much money. There are so many things to see there, starting from its rain forest, mountains, to its temples. By going to Sri Lanka, you will have a beautiful yet affordable trip.

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Costa Rica

Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations

If you love the outdoors, then you will love spending a holiday in Costa Rica. You can go hiking through their rainforest, or go zip lining. You can also enjoy the rush of their white waterfalls or experience surfing on a whole other level. You can also see volcanoes that are smoldering after hiking through lofty trails. Being small, you can experience all of this various adventurous experience without having to dig too deeply into your pockets.

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The Best Budget Travel

Another place to spend your vacation and go on an adventure is the Amazon rain forests you can find in Ecuador. Other than that, they also have majestic volcanoes. To have an experience of visiting those places in Ecuador, the prices are surprisingly quite cheap because the traveling costs to Ecuador itself are cheap. Furthermore, each city in the Country also offers a lot of either cheap or completely free things for you to do. You can visit an open air market, which is free of costs for you to visit and offers you the ability to experience their culture.

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Affordable Travel Destinations for Broke College Students

If you prefer to go to a place that offers outstanding food, history, tropical beaches, buzzing cities, and culture all at once, then you can go to Thailand. Best of all, they also offer a great nightlife. The country has something for everyone and therefore you can choose the places you want to visit or the activities you want to follow and make sure that they fit your budget.


Choosing A Place To Visit

Choosing A Place To Visit

With a limited budget, then the things you have to do research on before visiting is the costs of transportation, attractions, meals, and drinks, as well as accommodation among others in the place you want to visit. Another challenge that you may have to face is booking the plane tickets because the prices are changed regularly, so you should often check the prices to fly to the best vacation spots for college students.

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