Experience The Best Vacation Spots For Couples on A Budget in America

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Do you want to know best vacation spots for couples on a budget? Do you want to get the best one, but do not know where to look for? Worry not, we found some perfect places for you to spend your honeymoon together without worrying about the money.

Vacation Spots For Couples

  1. Negril, Jamaica

You may have heard about Montego Bay and Ocho Rios that contain a lot of natural wonders as well as luxurious resort, but do you ever know about the enchanting Negril? It is situated in the westernmost part of Jamaica, however, it is still pretty close with the island’s highlights. Although it is not as pretty and wondrous as Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Negril still is one of the most beautiful parts of Jamaica. It has a white-sand beach and stunning cliffs, perfect for those who seek romantic. You can see the sunset together with your lovely one.

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  1. St Petersburg, Florida, United States

Florida, one states in the US that hide stunning beachfront town, St. Petersburg. Not only it is highly suited for tight budget travel, this town also filled with romantic atmosphere, the best place you can seek for your honeymoon. You can roam around the town on foot, encounter hundreds antique shops, have a great evening watching the sunset, or simply enjoy walking on the beach.


  1. Quebec City, Canada

Still not enough with North America? Want to taste a bit of Europe in this continent? Then, the vacation you seek is in the Quebec City. Not only you can stroll around to taste wonderful cuisines from all over the world, it also makes you spend less budget than travel in Europe. With more than four hundred years old age, Quebec can be said as one of the oldest cities in this continent.

It is culturally rich, with romantic charm, makes you feel that you are in the middle of France’s street. Dense European architecture and cuisines, also enhance that feeling. Do not forget to check the lovely attractions in St. Anne de Beaupre Basicila or Montmorency Falls. For you who want to spend more romantic trip, always put Levis Ferry on your list.


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  1. Tulum, Mexico

Mexico surely does not lack any ancient sites and beaches. Tulum, one of the grand beach in Mexico offers both natural and historical view, doubling your experience, whilst spending much less budget. It contains Mayan ruins as well as stunning cliffs and rocky beaches, ensuring rich romantic aura for your vacation. What’s more? Tulum is known as low-crowd spot, making it more alluring than other spots in Mexico.


  1. Las Vegas, NV

Speaking of romantic trip and best vacation spots for couples on a budget, Las Vegas is a must on your spot list on your plan. It is the dream place of bachelors and bachelorettes to erect their wedding or spend their honeymoon together. This never sleeps megapolitan offers many tourist spots that can exaggerate the romantic air, such as Graceland Wedding Chapel, Bellagio Fountains, Red Rock Canyon, and many others. Not only that, you can easily access many luxurious yet affordable vacation packets in Las Vegas.