The Best Vacation Spots For Dogs During The Summer

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When you are preparing yourself for the next summer vacation that you most definitely need, do not forget to bring your favorite dog companion along for the trip to the best vacation spots for dogs. A lot of the places that a human chooses to escape are usually places that can actually be enjoyed by both people and dogs.


Austin, Texas

Best Vacation Spots For Dogs

If you want to go on an urban adventure with your dog, Austin is the place to go. There, you can travel almost anywhere together with your dog. Most of the retail establishments have a friendly attitude towards dogs as long as they are friendly and well-behaved. A lot of the restaurants there also has the similar mindset and will allow your dog on the patio to hang out as you can view the scenery and enjoy the food that the flourishing city offers you.

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You can take your dog to one of its many leash dog parks when the life in the city begins to get overwhelming for either your dog our yourself. There, you can socialize and unwind. It is always important to pay attention to the emotions of your dog during a trip to the city and to make sure that you are taking care of their needs in terms of instincts.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Coolest Vacations for Dog Lovers

Cape Cod offers you plenty of beaches, but you have to look out for dog restrictions during summer that some of the beaches have. Due to the high number of people going to the beaches during summer, some beaches prohibit the admittance of your furry friends but there are still beaches that allow your dog in at any time of the year. The beaches that will always accept your dog includes the Eastham, Orleans, Wellfleet, and Truro beaches. In any of those beaches, you can choose any sunny spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings with your dogs because there is no swimming beach that is designated for humans only.

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You can go to the Cape Cod Rail Trail if you want to run or simply take a nice walk with your dog. There will be food and water on the trail so both you and your dog can eat and stay hydrated if you plan to continue traveling to other beaches from the trail.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Top Dog Friendly Vacation Spots

For outdoor fun, you can go to Chattanooga where you can hike the extensive gorges. If you think you and your dog are capable of a ten-mile hike, then the perfect choice for you is the North Chickamauga Creek Pocket Wilderness. Do not hesitate to take a quick dip because sometimes the heat can get overwhelming during the summer, and you can do so in the creeks that run along the gorge.

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The dog-friendly vacation experience will remain fun as long as you keep your dogs well-behaved. Therefore, do not forget the basics such as having to always clean up after your four-legged friend and paying attention to all of the local leash laws. This way, you will definitely have one of the best times with your dogs at the best vacation spots for dogs.