6 Best Vacation Spots for Girl Trips

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Best vacation spots for girl trips are the right list for enjoying your fun holiday or free time especially for girls. The girls today can start their own trip and vacation. Even, some girls prefer conducting a solo trip. For those girls loving to do solo trip in some vacation spots, you can determine the best vacation spots to explore. What are they?


Paris, French

If you are a girl loving romance and fashion, Paris becomes a right vacation destination. This is a perfect vacation spot for you. Paris is a capital city of French getting popular to culture, photogenic architecture, and uniquely typical foods. Paris also steals more visitors being romance lovers. This is the best fashion spot in the world as well. If you visit this spot, don’t forget to do shopping.

Best Vacation Spots for Girl Trips

Red Centre, Australia

What else the best vacation spots for girl trips? You can select Red Centre, Australia. It is like its name in which it is a big dessert having red color. The location of the dessert is in exactly center of Australia. You don’t only see beautiful red in this dessert but you can also enjoy contrast situation of blue sky and green vegetation. The sky looks beautiful in both noon and night. At night, you can see a million of starts in the sky making it to be the perfect vacation spot for female travelers.

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Bend, Oregon, United States

Bend is one of the popular mountainous city in United States. This becomes a part of Pacific Crest Trail lining from California to British Columbia. For solo female travelers loving hiking and camping, this is an obligatory spot to be listed. You can do many adventurous activities there like climbing, kayaking, skiing, and many more.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali sounds familiar to many travelers both female and male. This is a right spot for girls to do fun vacation. There are so many tourism destinations mixing cultural, historical, and nature feature for vacation spot. This is a volcano island in Indonesia impressing you with high class white – sand beaches. Of course, you can eat authentic Asian foods. Moreover, Bali proffers some fun activities like yoga and meditation. This is beneficial to relieve tiredness after long trip.

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Hongkong is one of the best shopping places in Asia. That is why many girls love to have a trip there alone. Hongkong is a right vacation spot for girls. You can shop so many things and goods cheaply. It is also a good place for culinary lovers because there are many unique foods found in this city. You can taste real Asian food in this modern city. Lastly, Hongkong has an entertainment park, Disneyland that must be explored.

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Machu Picchu, Peru

Do you girls love history and archeology? Make sure that you include Machu Picchu, Peru to the itinerary list of your vacation. This is one of world’s wealth sites of UNESCO in Peru that is mostly visited. Though it is very challenging for girls, but it is amazing for everyone especially girls. Ancient buildings stay standing straightly being a mystery of the world. Visiting to Machu Picchu is as if doing a mysterious past trip. What are your favorite best vacation spots for girl trips?