The World’s Best Vacation Spots for Girlfriends

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The best vacation spots for girlfriends are really needed if you want to maintain your relationship with your girlfriends. They are as important as your family and your spouse, right? When you have problems with your family, work, kids, or spouse, you will turn to them to ask for advice or at least to share your problems with them. Your girlfriends are really people that you can trust. So, it is important for you and your girlfriends to have fun sometimes in a special place. What kinds of vacation spots suitable for girlfriends? Here are the ideas:

  1. New Orleans in USA

Best Vacation Spots For Girlfriends

Many women say that New Orleans in USA is one of the greatest party destinations for girlfriends. Shopping which is one of women’s favorite activities can be on Magazine Street where they can find many boutiques. Cooking, as part of women’s life, especially those who are married will have a beneficial getaway by taking a short cooking course at Langlois Culinary Crossroads. At night, girlfriends can enjoy music at Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse or taste desserts at Gracious Bakery, Café du Monde, and Morning Call. You and your girl-gang can stay at a hotel with spa and rooftop pool which will make your vacation even greater.

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  1. Split in Croatia

Fun Girls Weekend Trip Ideas

Croatia in Europe is an interesting country to visit by girlfriends wanting to have some fun. You know, women are usually the best ‘accountant’ in their family. So, going to Split in Croatia which is affordable will be a great choice. Everything is cheap here. What girlfriends can do in this city is do the hiking in Biokovo Mountain. It also has beautiful beaches and bars that serve great wines in great bottles. If you are interested in Ancient Romans, then you can go to the Old Town to experience the living museum—one of the iconic places in Croatia.

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  1. Bali in Indonesia

Best Girls Weekend Getaways in Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali Island in Indonesia which is famous for its natural beauty? Girlfriends who usually are beach lovers will be very happy to come to Bali—to enjoy sunset, swim, snorkel, dive, sunbathe, and other beach activities. Balinese people are also famous for their tradition and their belief. Many religious attractions are usually shown off to tourists. Traditional food, clothes, music, and dances are some of the interesting things girlfriends can enjoy there. In short, Bali is one of the greatest places to visit by girlfriends.

  1. Costa Brava in Spain

Best Destinations for Girlfriend Getaways

Women who love beaches will like going to Costa Brava region which has beautiful beaches. You and your girlfriends can do Scuba-diving to your heart’s content surely. Cycling, hiking, and other adventurous activities which will make you all very happy are also nice things to do here. Restaurants and bars in this place are great. Many delicious foods and drinks are served unique. You and your girlfriends who love arts will be very happy to visit the Salvador Dali Theater.

It is unquestionably interesting to have vacations with girlfriends. However, you need to work and discuss together about anything before travelling. Friends usually have something in common, but differences do exist. Here are to discuss:

  • The destination that should be agreed by all participants.
  • The accommodation and transportation that should be agreed as well.
  • The budget that should be split.
  • The schedule that should be fit for all.
  • The arrangement of sleeping. This is a small thing, but when tired this could be a problem.
  • The tourist spots to visit that should be agreed by all.

So, are you now going to contact your girlfriends to discuss your vacation? It is hoped that the article about the best vacation spots for girlfriends can make you be more well-informed.