Coolest and Best Vacation Spots for Teens

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What are the best vacation spots for teens? There are numerous of course. Indeed, teenagers may want something different to enjoy from other people. That’s why, their destinations are commonly different from other people. If you are a teenager and you have a plan to do a vacation with your friends, there are actually some places that are really recommended for you. Although they are probably not really popular, those sites are undeniably cool. It is particularly if you also want to do some activities there like surfing and others. So, what are the places? Check them out.

Best Vacation Spots For Teens

Social Greek Idyll

Well, if you have a chance to visit Greek, it seems that this place must not be forgotten. Sure, it is basically if you prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy the silence for a while. What makes the teens must go to this place is regarding the dramatic coastline. Besides, there is also a cove with cliffs around that is thrilling but also wonderful at once. Although this place is indeed recommended for the teenagers, it is so good as well for the adults or other realms of people who really love adventuring. Many facilities are provided here including the cafe, restaurant, tennis court, gym, and pool. In the evening, you can also enjoy the barbecue party and live music here.

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Elba is popular since it is the place where Napoleon grew up. However, you must know also that this place has a very beautiful coast, mountains, cliffs, and the others. It is still added by the buildings in which the architecture is the mix between Tuscan and European. As additional information for you, this place has at least around 190 beaches. Of course, your holiday will never be enough to visit all the spots available here. Therefore, you must choose one out them, which one you think it is the most beautiful and challenging.

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Bali Island is a place where you can enjoy many things at once. The beaches in this island are extremely wonderful for sure. There is a beach where you can just enjoy sunbathing like Kuta. Besides, another beach is intended for doing the water sport. It is still added by the cultures that are traditional, unique, but cool at once. Based on that fact, if the teenagers really want to enjoy the breeze of summer directly in the tropical area, Bali is a very perfect destination to choose.

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Teenage is a certain period of time where you may want to enjoy many things particularly the most challenging ones. Based on this fact, Polzeath is a very recommended place for you. Indeed, Polzeath is a place for adventures and exercises. Besides, there is also a playground that is indeed intended for teens and adults for the challenges. More than that, the facilities are so complete starting from the tennis court, swimming pool, gym center, and the others. the cafe with youthful concept is also available here that makes Polzeath one of the best vacation spots for teens.