Best Vacation Spots For Young Couples

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Young couples definitely have the energy to enjoy active holidays in the most vibrant holiday destinations. Across the world, there are so many best vacation spots for young couples on budget that should be really considered. Budget holidays do not always mean less comfortable holidays. You can still enjoy a comfy holiday anytime you want. Instead of going to mainstream or famous holiday spots, a less popular spots across the world are just as beautiful. Check out the list below.

 Best Vacation Spots For Young Couples


Instead of going to Spain or Italy, Croatia simply sounds a much better place. Well, you have made the right decision then because this country is definitely one of the best destinations for budget holidays. The good news is that American dollar is strong in this country. For instance, you can spend one night in beautiful villa completed with a private pool on the Croatia’s coast and you only have to pay $23. What a great offer, right? Of course, both alcohol and food are also cheap. With countless beautiful beaches along the coast, you have so many spots to spend your best holidays.

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Krakow in Poland

This time, Europe takes you to Krakow in Poland. This is a place where you can enjoy various local attractions from fascinating history, natural beauties and also cheap local cuisine. Filled with old European architecture, this town is so beautiful that you would want to take pictures of every nook and corner in this city. And yes, it is very cheap to spend your holiday here which is definitely a great offer.


Marrakech in Morocco

Travel across Africa and spend your next holiday in Marrakech, Morocco. Despite being a part of Africa, Morocco actually offers combined touch of Asia and Europe especially in the city of Marrakech. In this place, accommodation is very cheap that most hotels only cost you less than $10 per night with great facility including delicious breakfast. You will enjoy fascinating history and architectural building in this city that you would want to spend more days here.


Prague in Czech Republic

In the last few years, Prague has becoming more popular and more tourists have been visiting this place. Just like other old beautiful European cities, the city of Prague is full of fascinating history. Spending holiday in this place is like living in a fairy tale city with cheap food and booze.



Have you ever planned to visit Macedonia? Well, you should because this has been a great and cheap holiday destination to visit. One of the most beautiful spots is the Ohrid Lake. On the shore of this lake, you can enjoy summer party with friends. Or, you can also enjoy tanning day on the shoreline like the beaches in Gradiste with wonderful rocky cliffs as the background. Macedonia is like a hidden getaway spot full of surprises. And everything in this place is cheap that you can always get meals for less than $5. What a great place to spend your next holiday, right? Book your flight and fly here.

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