Best Vacation Spots In Canada

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Living in Canada is equal to having many best vacation spots in Canada. Despite being not so big country, Canada definitely has countless spots to offer for perfect holiday from the Canadian Rockies with mountain peaks to the Toronto with cosmopolitan streets. It is easy for you to choose which place you want to go in Canada for your next holiday. The affordability in Canada may not be as good as places in Asia or East Europe but you certainly will get the best experience.

 Best Vacation Spots In Canada

Stunning Whistler

Let’s start with Whistler, one of the most iconic cities in Canada. This city is known for its powdered steeps, snow-capped peaks, emerald green gold course, inviting restaurants, challenging hiking trails and also sparkling lakes. It comes with massive resort that spans on more than 8000 acres of land. With almost 40 ft of snowfall every year, this place has certainly become a most active spot for the ski spots in Canada. During the summer, visitors can do various things like biking, hiking and also bungee jumping.

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Quebec City

We all know the famous Quebec City with its towering cathedrals, winding cobblestone streets and also the French pleasantries. As the capital of Quebec province, this city definitely has what it takes to be an iconic holiday destination. In this city, visitors get the chance to explore the fascinating historical buildings and sites, the iconic house bakers, beautiful boutiques and bistros and so many more. Your holiday may not be cheap to afford if you pick this city but you will definitely get to experience one of the best holidays.



Calgary, another iconic and beautiful city in Canada welcomes every visitor with its own Cinderella story. The history of this place is quite long. It was once a city of the poors but then transformed into the city of the riches. This city is famous for both winter and summer holiday. During the winter, you can do any ski sports on the mountain and hills. Meanwhile, your summer holiday here will be filled with various festivals and events to attend. Do not miss the summer Calgary Stampede to satisfy your inner buckaroo. Make sure to book your flight earlier and plan the perfect holiday moment here in this city. Take your kids with you to enjoy the wonderful holiday moments in Calgary.

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Have you ever heard of the Canada’s city named Banff? Located in the heart of famous Canadian Rockies, this city is certainly a great pick for holiday. In this place, you can enjoy and experience the Swiss skiing village’s lifestyle that you may not find in other places. Get the chance to explore the first national park Canada has, the Banff National Park. There are so many things to adore and experience in this place. Once you have done exploring the park, end your day at one of the nice hotels this place has to offer rather than staying at the camper grounds. So, how does this place sound for your next holiday?