3 Mountain Towns For The Best Vacation Spots In Colorado In Winter

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Colorado is known internationally as a place with many beautiful mountain towns that are the best vacation spots in Colorado in winter. Whether you are looking for a great place to search for treasure, bike or hike trails, glide down slopes that are powdery, or just enjoying yourself with a breathtaking scenery, there must be a mountain town from the list below that will satisfy all that you are looking for from a winter vacation.



Best Vacation Spots In Colorado In Winter

First of all, you can opt to spend your winter vacation in the mountain town that is one of the most well-known in Colorado, which is Aspen. Hollywood stars own houses in this mountain town, such as Kevin Costner and Jack Nicholson, so Aspen is filled with the rich and famous or really just people who are among the wealthiest in the world. Regardless, that fact is not what makes this mountain town alluring. The mountain scenery that Aspen offers is one of the most breathtaking and impressive among other mountain towns in the state.

Other than that, you can also go skiing, mountain biking, or hiking here. If you love places that are picturesque, then you will love being here because The Maroon Bells are just about one of the most picturesque mountains you can find in America. To get there during the winter, you may have to join a snowmobile tour or go cross-country skiing. You will definitely have an unforgettable adventure during your stay in Aspen.

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Best Places to Visit in Colorado

For those of you who are adventurers of many sports, then Durango is where you want to go. They have the Animas River which is known to offer the best experience of kayaking and rafting in the whole of Colorado. You can also go ice climbing, skiing, or hiking in the Rockies where they have alpine terrain.You can go mountain biking in the lowlands all year long and the trails are more than a thousand miles long. The Main Street in town offers you a lot of charm of the Wild West and they also offer modern amenities. You will also want to take on the opportunity to board the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad because the journey is breathtaking and the train was specifically built in order to able to go through mountain routes that are narrow.

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Estes Park

Best Colorado Weekend Getaways

Aside from mountain scenery, you can also find eateries, shops, several art galleries in the Estes Park. If you are bringing kids along on the vacation, you can bring them to the Family Amusement Park where your kids can drive go-karts, ride on the gigantic slide, go bungee jumping, or play miniature golf. You can also have access to hiking trails which are just minutes away from the national park. During the hike, you will be able to view mountain peaks as well as waterfalls. If you loved “The Shining”, a novel from Stephen King, you will be excited to visit the Stanley Hotel among the best vacation spots in Colorado in winter which is the landmark that is historic and from which he based his novel off of.

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