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10 Best Vacation Spots In Costa Rica

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Best Vacation Spots In Costa Rica – Costa Rica is definitely a favorite vacation spot for families. Wildlife and exotic nature in enchanting rainforests create a Disneyesque setting youngsters can’t get enough of. But this isn’t Disneyland. It’s the real bargain. And while traveling without a Disney safety net could be intimidating, it shouldn’t be. Skilled guidance or just a little research can open up doors to your priceless family vacation that’ll have everyone reminiscing for a long time.

1.  Corcovado National Park
best costa rica vacation spots
Nearest airport: You always have the option to consider renting an automobile, but we don’t advise this option because you will lose some valuable time trying to get there by road, the driving distance is considerably huge. Why we always suggest to take a domestic flight to the area… that’s You may save lots of travelling time.

Advocated for: Wildlife and nature meetings

This really is maybe one of our favorite recommendations, but we know it is a destination that is really particular so it’s vital that you are certain you need a real method of the natural beauties of the united states and its wildlife that is varied, just before you choose to range from the Corcovado National Park on your vacation package.

Here, of course, there are not any roads. You have to take a boat to the park and to get to the hostels that are small and you will have no access to Wifi or phone signals. Corcovado is the perfect spot to disconnect entirely from the noise of the town.

Besides these conditions, the lodges of the area offer pastoral-but-lavish encounters, constantly focused on personalized service and knowing that in case you decide to visit this part of the united states is because you really want to live an alternative experience, one which you rarely will see in a different section of the world.

There are several months for example September and October where the majority of the hostels is closed because of the rains… an important fact to think about in case you’re planning to add this amazing adventure to your itinerary.

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2. Tortuguero for your Turtle Fanatic
what are the best vacation spots in costa rica
The youngsters will love Tortuguero National Park, one of typically the most popular destinations in Costa Rica to see arribada or turtle nesting. Travel for the opportunity to view mom turtles laying their eggs or baby turtles hatching, July to October, during nesting season. Float through jungle, mangroves looking at the security of your boat for wildlife on a household safari. The cryptic labyrinth of Tortuguero canals is a hit with almost every age group.

3. Arenal Volcano for your Adventurer
best area in costa rica for vacation
In a nation overflowing with natural wonder and adventure, Arenal Volcano is a standout. The truth is, our Specialists refer to Arenal Volcano as the venture capital of Beautiful Costa Rica. Seem like for the kids? No problem! Arenal adventures are numerous. Trade out the zeppelin adventure for a more composed aerial tram tour. Or split up for the morning on different tours and share your adventures over lunch! Finally, everyone might be happy.

4. Poás Volcano National Park
Best Vacation Spots In Costa Rica
The Poás Volcano National Park is one of the most visited attractions of the nation thanks to its closeness to the international airport and also the San José city. Its principal crater is just one of the greatest on earth as well as the expedition is made up of the hike to the crater rim. A visit to the active volcano might be done as a one day tour or as a stop during a transfer to another destination like Arenal. Besides, it could be joined with a coffee tour for a visit along with Doka Coffee Estate in the event you don’t have plenty of time in San José to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, which will be a good idea.
The current weather in this park is humid and cold, with rain possibilities all year round and an average temperature of 15ºC This weather conditions allows it to be possible to always possess a lush, green vegetation near.

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5. The Cloud Forest for your Farmer
best family vacation area in costa rica
Half and just an hour the misty cloud forest, from San Jose provides a surprising array of nature and cultural activities for families. Your little farmer will undoubtedly also benefit from all of the creatures that may be found in the cloud forests. Hike to some nearby waterfall and explore the unique birds, reptiles, and animals of the unique ecosystem.

6. Celeste River
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One of the natural wonders of the country is without a doubt the Celeste River as it’s one of the most famous places of Costa Rica and maybe you’ve got already learned about it. Why is it so special is the incredible light blue color of the water that seems to be artificially colored. To get here it is also vital that you truly have a great physical state since the hike will last around 3 hours throughout the rainforest, less or more.

7. Manuel Antonio & Guanacaste for your Water Bug
best family vacation spots in costa rica
Guanacaste and Manuel Antonio National Park are great bits in the event that you can’t pull your kids from the sandbox or the pool. Activities and water sports may be ordered from both areas and several resorts furnish complimentary rentals. While both Manuel Antonio and Guanacaste are about the coast, they’re very different destinations with different accommodation styles. Work with one among our Pros to choose the right destination and resort for your household.

8. Osa Peninsula for your Wildlife Enthusiast
best places in costa rica to vacation
The wildlife on the Osa Peninsula is nearly as dense as the rainforest itself. Your probability of seeing animals in their own natural ecosystem? Almost ensured. This can be your off the beaten path rainforest experience. The kids will get a bang from boating through wild mangroves in Corcovado National Park. There really are a variety of hikes and exploration activities from the hostels that everyone will appreciate.

9. Tortuguero National Park
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Closest airport: There’s no method to get from land to Tortuguero.

Advocated for: wildlife and nature lovers, Family holidays.

Tortuguero is a distinctive destination a jewel on the list of verdant green of Costa Rica. This National Park is a collection of water canals and it is locally called the Amazonas of Costa Rica. You can also take a domestic flight, although the very best approach to reach the town and also the hotels with this destination is by boat. Since the ride throughout the canals isn’t a mere transfer, but an amazing expedition by which it’ll be possible to see a great deal of water birds, monkeys, crocodiles and also the lush flora we advise one to do at least one manner by boat.

One of the best experiences you can live in Tortuguero is the turtle nesting. Tortuguero is a paradise for the turtles to come and nest their eggs, actually, that’s the rationale of its name. This experience is a thing that you as well as your household WOn’t ever forget, so be sure that you don’t miss this tour if you see this portion of the united states on those dates.

The elements in Tortuguero are very humid and it’s but one of the wettest regions of the nation. There’s no dry season, but it really is true, it rains in February, March and October.

10. Guanacaste Beaches
best vacation areas of costa rica
Nearest airport: Daniel Oduber International Airport (LIB) – no more than ONE hour, but will be determined by the beach you wish to see
** There’s an airstrip situated in Tamarindo that is employed for domestic flights between different destinations in Costa Rica.

Advocated for: Family vacations, beach holidays, surf vacations, diving holidays, all inclusive vacations.

The Guanacaste beaches are known around the globe, actually, lots of famous personalities have selected this destination for their Costa Rica vacations or even some of them has their own houses here. The 200 km of the Pacific coast is blessed with amazing weather and clear waters that have eventually become a perfect place for surfing, diving, fishing, horseback riding, swimming, or simply taking sun baths.


Ok, that is the Best Vacation Spots In Costa Rica reviews for those of you who want to vacation in costa rica, hopefully can help you to know some places you can visit, happy holiday !!!Ok, that is the Best Vacation Spots In Costa Rica reviews for those of you who want to vacation in costa rica, hopefully can help you to know some places you can visit, happy holiday !!!