Spending A Family Vacation At The Best Vacation Spots In Delaware

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The beach towns of Delaware are located just perfectly between the Atlantic Ocean waves and the quiet waters that belong to the Delaware Bay and offers you the best vacation spots in Delaware. Even though they are a lot less developed than the beach towns of Ocean City, Maryland, and far less developed than the famous Jersey Shore crowds, it does not make the Delaware beaches any less of a great place to spend with your kids. It is simply the perfect place for a family getaway during the summer. Other than that, the Delaware beaches are famous for their unspoiled nature, to the extent that a couple of their beaches were named as some of the cleanest beaches in the United States in the year of 2013.

Enjoying the Sun, Swimming, And Surfing In The Beach Areas

Beautiful Romantic Trips in Delaware

Visitors to the Delaware shore can choose among seven of their main beach areas as a place to swim. For families that have young kids, the town beach located in Lewes is just right because it has gentler surf and is also situated farther up. For families with teens, you may prefer the Rehoboth Beach instead because its beachside boardwalk always brings excitement. For an experience of watching dolphins swim by which the whole family will surely love, you can choose the Bethany Beach.

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A lot of the beaches at Delaware also offers you amenities such as fishing piers, picnic tables, camping, and changing rooms that have showers in it. If you are spending more than just a few days around there to visit its beaches, you may want to buy the annual state park pass in order to save money and avoid the long lines that form inevitably during summer.

Snacking Sweets

Top Delaware Beach Destinations

The Rehoboth Beach has the Fractured Prune that will serve you hot and fresh doughnuts with the range of 13 toppings and 19 glazes. From marshmallow, maple, chocolate chips, to crumbled bacon, they sure offer you the delight of snacking which will definitely be appreciated by your young ones. If you or your children prefer sweets that are cold instead, you can try going to The Ice Cream Store, which is also located near the boardwalk of the Rehoboth Beach. They have so many flavors to choose from and some of those choices even feature funny names such as “Booger” which is actually just vanilla ice cream which is given green food coloring, bits of marshmallow, and a caramel swirl. Snacking will definitely be fun for your children.

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Visiting the Farmer’s Market

Best Vacation Spots In Delaware

A majority of the beach towns provide farmer’s markets where you can find dairy products, eggs, local produce, meats, and also artisanal bread. For families especially, there is a fun market called the Historic Lewes Farmers Market. Everything that is for sale there originates from small businesses and local farms. You can get fresh items here for your family dinner. With all of the fun activities available for you and d your family in the best vacation spots in Delaware, how excited are you to spend your next family vacation there?