A Romantic Getaway at One Of The Best Vacation Spots In Florida Panhandle

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Are you looking for the best vacation spots in Florida Panhandle? If so, you may want to visit its most populous area, Pensacola, which can be the perfect place for you to spend a romantic holiday in.

Other than its coastline being crowded with Blue Angels, there is still a lot to Pensacola. Even though that is probably the most attractive reason for people to go to this city which is a western town of the Florida Panhandle, a couple who are looking to spend their long weekend in this place may be looking for more things to do. A visit as short as three days to this area of Florida Panhandle can bring you the romantic passion you crave from a romantic getaway.

Top Things to Do in Florida Panhandle 2017

Where You Should Stay In Pensacola

Choosing to stay in a bed and breakfast is a great option if you want to spend your time in Pensacola for a romantic getaway. Bed and breakfasts, or what is also often referred to as inns, offers you a peaceful setting for the time you spend there as well as indulges you with breakfast that is homemade. One of the bed and breakfasts you can try is the Pensacola Victorian.  Located downtown, this bed, and breakfast offer guests the choice of having a candlelight breakfast that they can enjoy in their bed.

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Strolling Around in Pensacola

Strolling around while holding hands with your partner is a great way to relax after you have had your dinner, or just simply to enjoy a quiet time with the one you love most. If you want to stroll around an area that is relatively secluded, then you should walk along at the Pensacola Beach, specifically the Fort Pickens Gulf Islands National Seashore. There, you can take an intimate walk with your partner through the miles of sand.

Best Vacation Spots In Florida Panhandle

Having an Intimate Dinner In Pensacola

When you are on a vacation for a romantic getaway, then having an intimate dinner should always be preferable to having dinner in a restaurant that is busy and filled with little children. If you want to eat at a small tapas restaurant and bar, you should call for a reservation at The Global Grill. If you want a place where you can ask for outdoor seating and eat with lanterns and candlelights instead, the Rag Tyme Grille should be the perfect choice for you. For an experience that is more upscale, the recommended place is The Terracotta Restaurant at the Pensacola Beach Hotel and Resort. Not only does it provide you with a fine dining menu and wine pairings, the restaurant is located at a place that overlooks the water.

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Spending Your Time at Pensacola

Gorgeous Beaches in Florida's Panhandle

Three days is quite a short time for a getaway, but as long as you choose the right places and not try to fit too many places into your itinerary, you should be able to enjoy your time together. After all, Pensacola is one of the best vacation spots in Florida Panhandle that you do not want to miss on to spend the most romantic vacation with your loved one.