Best Vacation Spots in Greece for Tourists

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Best vacation spots in Greece are available in many places. As we know, Greece is popular because of its ancient ruins’ plethora, sunny beaches, friendly atmosphere, whitewashed villages, and tasty cuisine. That’s why Greece gets the top rank in Europe to visit.

For your information, it is also made up by hundred islands and mountainous main land. You will find the stunning landscapes, cultural delights, nightlife scenes, and also historical places there. Well, here are some reviews of best places for your vacation in Greece.

Best Vacation Spots in Greece

Cape Sounion

This place is located in the Attica peninsula’s southernmost tip. It is very popular for its ruins site of Poisedon’s ancient Greek temple. As we know, Poisedon is the God of the sea in Greek’s myth. Well, the remains of this place are perched on its headland.

It is actually surrounded by the sea on three sides. For your information, many people from Athens come to Cape Sounion. They usually watch the sunset near the Aegean Sea. So, you can choose this place as your first recommendation.

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Thessaloniki is known as the second largest city in Greece. It is also the capital city Macedonian. Where is Macedonian? It is in the Northern Greece. In this place, you can find the social events, lively festivals, and busy nightlife. That’s why it is very popular as the Greece’s cultural capital.

Besides that, Thessaloniki also becomes the center of historical city and commercial district. You will find both old and new attraction. Where can you find the tourist attractions? You will find them in the White Tower, Byzantine walls, and Turkish bath. There are the art galleries, museum, and colorful food markets. Besides that, it is also good for you to visit the small tavernas, night club, and other venues of entertainment. It will make you really satisfied for visiting this place.


This place is the great region of natural beauties. You will really get enthusiastic for finding the hidden paradise there. Zigori has two national parks and striking geology. It is also dominated by rugged mountains and dense forests. Those places are completed by traditional villages and powerful rivers.

Meanwhile you can find some houses from stone in the villages. Those houses are the heritage products of the late eighteenth century’s lives. If you want to enjoy the villages, you can go hiking their numerous paths. It is also better for you to visit Vikos Gorge, the wonderful spot for tourists in Zigori.

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Halkidiki is near from Thessaloniki. This place is full of peninsula look. It offers you the best spot of beaches. There are three separated peninsulas that you can visit. They are Kassandra with its nightlife, Athos with its monks and Sithonia with its beautiful beaches. So, you can visit three different places with different tourist attractions.

In Halkidiki, you will really find the clear waters and quiet situations. You can also enjoy the boat while visiting there. Well, this place is very popular for the Greek and Eastern European tourists. Finally, those are all about best vacation spots in Greece.

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