The Scenic and Best Vacation Spots in Hawaii

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Best Vacation Spots In Hawaii – It is so cool if you have a chance to spend your holiday in Hawaii. This island is indeed really famous although the location is quite from other states in USA. Mainly if you want to enjoy the sense of tropical around, sure, Hawaii is really the best choice. Each tourism spot in Hawaii has its own beauty and uniqueness indeed. Well, if you plan to visit Hawaii in this near future, there are some places that are really recommended for you. What are they?

Best Vacation Spots in Hawaii


Behind its beautiful name, Kailua offers landscape which is very beautiful as well starting the white sand, blue ocean, warm tropical weather and many others. Of course, you can just simply sunbath and relax your mind there. However, it is not the only activity you can do once you visit Kailua. It is very possible for you to do diving or snorkeling since the waters are really calm and clear. More than that, you can also try many kinds of water sport and plays like kayaking, kite surfing, sailing, paddle boarding and others. the sanctuary of bird is also available here if you walk around. Based on those facts, it is mot exaggerating to say that Kailua is one of the best places to visit.

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Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon State Park is really a must when you visit Hawaii. The canyon stretches over 14 miles for the length and 3,600 feet in depth. Indeed, the most common purpose to visit this canyon is to enjoy the landscape around the canyon itself. Sure, if you are energetic enough, you can do the hiking trail. Many hotels and other kinds of accommodation are provided around so that it is so easy for you to take a rest after going around. If you lucky, you can rent a hotel room in which the windows are directly to the beautiful view outside.

Best Vacation Spots in Hawaii 2

Haleakala National Park

Another national park available in Hawaii is namely Haleakala. This place is located in the remote area near the volcano. However, this makes your vacation here becomes more interesting. It is since you can enjoy both the sunrise and sunset from the crater rim taken place around 10,000 above the sea level. Similar to the Waimea Canyon, another activity you can do here aside from seeing the scenic view is hiking and ranger led program. What is ranger led program? It is a tour that can be joined by anyone in which the program will introduce you the rare plants and animals protected in the park.

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Hana is a little town located in the coastal area. It is said as the main focus of your Hawaii vacation. Why? It is due to the nuance of urban and traditional that is blended well in one. Besides, along the road you pass to and from this town, you will enjoy very beautiful landscapes around. One of the most famous road is namely the Lana Highway that let you go through the rainforests and waterfall. Besides, there are also many curves and bridges to be passed. For such an enjoyment, it is a must to include Hana as one of the best vacation spots in Hawaii.