11 Best Vacation Spots In Jamaica

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Best Vacation Spots In Jamaica – To many people, Jamaica embodies the true spirit of paradise. 4, 244 square miles is only spanned by the Caribbean island, but has been a preferred destination for tourists looking for adventure, romance, and rest.

A vacation here is a cultural experience that reflects the island’s several cultural influences. Jamaica has European, African, and Asian ancestors, and dramatic landscapes marked by waterfalls, mountains, valleys, rivers, and mineral springs. Its year around the tropical environment sets the stage for fun at any given time and entices the imaginations of more than a million guests per year.

So if all of the sounds to be an ideal solution to spend your holiday days, then check out our guide to the most unbelievable places to visit in Jamaica, in no specific order.



Best Vacation Spots In Jamaica

This really is the greatest city on the island and also a great spot to learn about genuine Jamaican culture. It’s a town of both background and modernity, as the administrative center of Jamaica’s government, commerce, and art scene. Spa resorts, luxury hotels can be found by you, and quaint, locally owned inns around the city-center. One of the one of the primary reasons to visit Kingston is to discover about reggae music and culture. Bob Marley and influential reggae artists began their musical careers here, in the inner city community of Trench City. There’s a Bob Marley Museum here that’s definitely worth visiting. This location provides a diverse scene compared to the beach and resort locations, and it’s also more cost-effective with regard to accommodations -Something to keep in mind for tourists on a budget. Near city, it is possible to always check out Morant Bay, which was the site of a big political uprising, and Port-Royal, which was the residence of Blackbeard the pirate.

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Port Antonio

best city in jamaica to vacation

On the north-eastern coast of Jamaica in an agricultural neighborhood, Port Antonio is about 5 miles from Kingston. This really is a large port city that is famous for creating bananas. Because some scenes were filmed here with Tom Cruise, observe the film, CockTail, before your visit. Today, this is a family-friendly destination in Jamaica and a fantastic spot to stay with kids. Since socialites and a-listers have favored Port Antonio over the years, though it used to be a quiet fishing village, it’s acquired fame from your Hollywood elite.


best city to visit in jamaica

Falmouth is a port city that dates straight back to the 18th-century is full of historic buildings that are interesting. It’s possible for you to take a walking tour to understand more about this area’s background and significance to Jamaica. This area is surrounded by a well-preserved and sugar estates Georgian city. Sites include Great Hope Estate, the Luminous Lagoon, Half Moon Beach, and the Greenwood Great Home.


Blue Hole,  Ocho Rios

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High in the rainforest- mountains outside Ocho Rios is a collection of picturesque waterfalls fed by gushing cascades. Visitors are led by guides round the area where they could explore the falls and jump-off cliffs to the refreshing pools. The the experience entails so proper water sneakers are suggested clambering over slippery rocks.


Rio Grande River

best all inclusive resorts in jamaica

Bamboo rafts are poled by expert guides in a two and a half-hour tour. Via an impressive stretch of tropical rainforest over the Rio Grande River The Rio Grande offers mild rapids and stunning scenery and tends to be less crowded than the Martha Brae River.


Montego Bay

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Montego Bay is one of the premier vacation locations in Jamaica, as well as for great reason. It’s situated across the northwestern coast of the island and has plenty of all inclusive resorts that offer a-amazing views. It’s also a major cruise port that has a lively nightlife scene. Mountains, shorelines, shopping, nightclubs, golfing programs – you can find it all in Montego Bay. But if you’re more fascinated with history, ensure that you visit the Green Wood Guest House, that will be a plantation house, and nearby port town of Falmouth. You will find a number of accommodations here for vacationers, including breakfasts and adorable bed, Sandals resorts, and chain hotels.



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That is an area of Jamaica that’s known for its laid-back vibe and anything goes mindset. If you if you wish to get a-way from it all come to Negril and e-Scape your daily lifestyle for a while. You won’t locate high rise accommodations and big developments here. Instead, you’ll locate quaint bungalows, pubs, live reggae music, along with a more personal vibe. Satisfy your spirit of adventure with some cliff diving, or just curl up while observing the epic sunsets across the beach here. The seven-mile beach is wonderful for taking a stroll, along with the Kool Runnings Water Park is a fun-time for all too.


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But to get off the beaten-path in Jamaica, head in Western Jamaica to Accompong. This is a safe, semi-independent town where there are not any taxes and also the gates used to be closed to outsiders. Today, this city can be visited by you and stay with local inhabitants who open their homes up as well as arrange house-cooked meals. That is a good location to come if you’re looking for a traditional Jamaican expertise far from the crowds and high end resorts. However, if you visit in January, you’re able to join the yearly Maroon Festival, which honors the founder and draws in thousands of visitors. You’ll be able to join a tour team from Kingston, rent-a-car, or hire a complete independent guide to get here /resident showing you around the community.


Portland Parish

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This area is on Jamaica’s northeast coast, and Port Antonio is its capital. This parish is a leading producer of espresso, bananas, coconuts, mangoes, breadfruits, and ackee. Top vacationer facilities contain Fern Hill Club Dragon Bay Villas, and Goblin Hill Resort. Don’t miss the Boston Jerk Heart to try jerked foods made with traditional spices.


Reach Falls

Reach Falls

Tucked in the Montane Forest of the John Crow Mountain Range, Reach Falls are a few of the prettiest and most peaceful falls of Jamaica. Visitors are taken by a gentle hike through rainforest to the top of the falls where a lifeguard patrol. Visitors can stand under the gushing cascades, investigate underwater caves, and swim in the fern-fringed waters surrounded by rainforest.


The South Coast

The South Coast

Jamaica’s South Coast is undoubtedly worth a visit as properly when you plan your trip to the islands. This is a wonderful spot to come for healing mineral springs waters. It’s possible for you to hike around Treasure Seaside to see the cliffs that overlook the sea down below, see the seven-tier waterfall of YS Falls, and go horse riding along the coast. There are birdwatching possibilities and golf courses here too to get a relaxing day out in the beauty of nature. Expect to find rustic and personal inns here, plenty of fresh produce, plus some of the world’s greatest rum in the Nassau Valley.


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