4 Best Vacation Spots In Maine

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We are going back to Maine to find the best vacation spots in Maine. Every time you hear the word Maine, you are certainly being reminded with a quaint fishing towns and stunning coastline that keep both the nature enthusiasts and city lovers excited. The best vacation spots are also as beautiful as the world’s most popular vacation spots. In one place, you get to enjoy various things from entertainment, culture, nature and also food. This way, your vacation will certainly be one great adventure.

 Best Vacation Spots In Maine

Acadia National Park

Let’s start with Acadia National Park located in Maine. It has been popular as one place with the most incredible landscape. This park boasts sprawling bodies of water, winding bike trails and also granite speaks. If you look for any outdoor adventures to enjoy together with your family, this spot definitely is the right choice. Among the most popular activities are bird watching, picnicking, horseback riding, hiking and also climbing. In the summer, you can swim and enjoy sunbathing on the vast lakes; shores. And in the winter, you can enjoy peaceful holiday at one of the cottages.

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When you decide to visit Camden, you will be taken into the prettiest spot found in Maine. With rich history that dates back more than two centuries, this place has been drawing hundreds of thousands of tourists around the world. This place has anything you could ask for perfect natural holidays, the meandering rivers, spacious lakes and rugged mountains. Only in this place you can see the mountains and water coming together in one particular place. In fact, it has been also popular for the retiree’s to spend the rest of their lives,


Bay of Fundy

Trendy name of this place simply shows how special this destination is. It is located in the border of Canada and United States. It has been popular for the highest tidal range the world has ever have. In fact, the tidal range can go beyond 55 feet. Meanwhile, the most popular spot in this area is the bay with its gorgeous surroundings including the spacious parks, picturesque islets and islands and also dense forest. Make sure to visit the famous Hopewell Rocks that can be easily accessed from the bay. If you look for nature entertainments, join the whale watching trip and hike the trails. In this place, you will get the wonderful holiday along with your kids and friends.

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Another wonderful place to visit in Maine, the Rockland has been becoming more popular in the last few years. One particular thing that has made this place popular its delectable lobster which is known by people across the US. It is easy to tell that the Rockland becomes classic coastal town example that is filled with restaurants and quaint shops in the old buildings with centuries of history. Join the famous windjammer your to experience the incredible coastal scenery that this place has to offer. Of, you can also take the ferries to witness the beauties of the islands on the surrounding like Matinicus, Vinalhaven and North Haven.

How after knowing Best Vacation Spots In Maine, do you already have plans to go on vacation to the place above?