4 Best Vacation Spots in New England

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Best Vacation Spots in New England – New England is where you can enjoy your summer holiday more. Well, particularly if you love the natural landscape so much, it is a good time for you to spoil your sight. New England itself is bordered by some other areas including New York and New Brunswick of Canada to the west, south, and north as well as the Atlantic Ocean to the east and southeast. It is so interesting by remembering that New York is such a crowded city so that New England becomes a really good alternative if you want to escape for a while from your hectic schedule. There are some ideas of vacation spots in New England that may inspire you. Check them out.

Best Vacation Spots in New England

Newburyport/ Plum Island

Newburyport is a coastal city that is located on the northern area of Boston. If you want to reach this place from the center of Boston, it takes time around 50 minutes. What makes this place is really worth to visit is regarding the incredible buildings around with coastal characteristics. Besides, you can take a quick trip to Plum Island. In the Plum Island, there is a lighthouse where you can just go to the upper parts and enjoy the scenery around. Well, even if you just want to gather with your friends, sitting on the bench and enjoy the warm weather is more than enough.

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The Casco Bay Islands

Seeing the sea directly becomes another reason why you should choose this place as your travelling destination. The islands are quite easy to reach also. You only need to off the coast of Portland, ME. There is a chain of islands that are spreading from the South Portland. The voyage only takes time around 20 minutes. On the islands, there is not only the sandy beach but also restaurants, cafee, and even the communities of artist. If you love golfing, you can go to Chebeague Island an satisfy yourself there.

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This place is indeed the symbol of New England as you can just see it in the postcard. You may enjoy the forestry in green and orange with warm weather and breeze air. The Stowe Hollow Bridge is also something that you must pass through as it connects the parts in the center of the town. The resort here becomes the main reason why people love visiting this town so much like the ski chalets and the Trapp Family Lodge.


The Cog Railway

Taking train to do some trips is probably something common to be done. Sure, the train itself is just a general train without any uniqueness. Sure, your experience of using train as transportation will be added when you come here. The Cog Railway is a place in New England where you, as the guests, are able to use the small train to go around and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Even if you choose to climb the locomotive, your journey will still be really interesting and safe. Well, the cog railway is indeed one of the best vacation spots in New England you can visit.

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