3 Best Vacation Spots in Oregon

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Best vacation spots in Oregon will be the best topic to be discussed today. For your information, Oregon is very popular for its coast and beaches. If you visit there, you will feel that beaches are very closer to you. Well, they will be closer to your heart. So, you can imagine that it is dominated by water.

Besides that, there are also many tourist attractions that you can visit. You will really feel that Oregon is the best place to stay in the world. There are many things to explore. You can spend many days and nights there. Well, here are best spots in Oregon for your vacation.

Best Yachats Vacation Rentals


Yachats is placed perfectly in the center of Florence and Newport. This place is surrounded by many empty coastlines. It is very cozy spot to visit by travellers. For your information, you will get the natural beauty really surrounds the town. Then, in the head south of Oregon, you can enjoy the view of Suislaw Natural Forest.

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There, you can see the stunning Cape Perpetua, the popular trail of Hobbit, the iconic Heceta Head Lighthouse, and also the Well of Thor. Those spots really provide you the breathtaking view. They appear over the sea. Well, those places should be on your visit list, right?

Besides that, you can also enjoy the camping ground in the National Forest. Next, for you who want to get culinary tour, you have to visit the best restaurants in Yachats such as Drift Inn and Ona. You can also get a cup of coffee in the Village Bean.

For breakfast, you have to enjoy delicious breads in the Bread and Roses restaurant. Besides that, the paradise of beer can be found in the Yachats Brewing. Last, you can enjoy the luxurious spa at the Overleaf Lodge and Spa. Well, those are all some reasons why you have to visit Yachats.


Top Manzanita Vacation Rentals

What will you find in Manzanita? In this place, you will be able to visit best beach. Well, as other places in Oregon, Manzanita is also popular for its beach. You can enjoy walking along the beach with its beautiful coast. You will get best paddling in Nehalem River and Bay too.

There will be also the best spot for surfers in the Short Sands Beach. Meanwhile for you who want to go hiking, you can visit Neah kah nie Mountain. This place really offers you best options for surfing, swimming, and hiking, right?

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Best Vacation Spots In Oregon

Astoria is one of best destinations for tourists. This place is also known well for its coastal area. There are also some amenities that can be found in other places of Oregon. Talking about the culinary tour, you can find the popular dark beer from Oregon in the Fort George Brewery, Astoria.

Next, you have to also visit the popular restaurants in Astoria with their best sea-food menus. They are open in the late night. So, you can enjoy the foods while going to the nightlife. Finally, those are all some reasons why they become the best vacation spots in Oregon.