The Most Recommended and Best Vacation Spots in Puerto Rico

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Best Vacation Spots In Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico is one of the best places in this world if you want to spend your holiday. Well, it is due to so many spots to be visited and enjoyed. This country is indeed really tourist friendly. Despite the natural landscape that becomes the main purpose for being there, the facilities and accommodations provided also support all your activities a lot. Sure, the most important thing before bringing your luggage is by acknowledging the best spots in this country. There are at least four tourism spots you can enjoy the most im Puerto Rico particularly if your time limited. Here they are for you.

Best Vacation Spots In Puerto Rico

San Juan

Let’s start your trip from San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. If you love urban vacation, this city is really perfect. You may enjoy the extraordinary and tasty dining, great nightlife, and shopping centers. Sure, despite enjoying the fine dining that must be expensive, the street foods of Puerto Rico are really delicious as well. The accommodation is various whether you prefer the expensive or the affordable ones. The capital city itself is likely divided into two things; the first is old San Juan and the second is the new one. The old San Juan presents the historical sites and buildings that are incredible. Meanwhile the new San Juan is surely all about the modernity.

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Visiting Puerto Rico will never be complete without going to the beach. If you are interested in the small island along with its white sand, Vieques is the best choice. You may enjoy the scenic landscape of Blue Ocean surrounded by the green land. The beach is quite silent so that it is very appropriate for you who want to escape from the crowded city for a while. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to this site, plant your umbrella, and relax your mind.

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Lajas is a very good definition of tropical beaches and islands. Its blue ocean is very good for you to enjoy. Sure, it is not the only thing you can do when you have a chance to visit this place. You can rent the sailboat and go around the beach to be closer with the middle of ocean. Of course, the accommodation and facilities around are so complete starting from the most expensive with all fancy services to affordable ones. Sure, it just depends on your wants which one you like the most and appropriate with your own budgets.

Best Vacation Spots In Puerto Rico 2

Isla Verde

The nuance of tropical can still be felt here. Isla Verde itself is a long beach with white sand and blue sea that is really beautiful. Many tourists are coming here commonly for sunbathing. For you who want to enjoy the beach in luxurious ways, you should be really happy with all provided here. Yes, the hotels and restaurants here are so fancy and luxurious with ultimate services. Of course, it is possible also for you to swim in the beach since the safety is guaranteed. Those are then some of the best vacation spots in Puerto Rico you can enjoy.