6 Best Vacation Spots in The Carolinas

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Best vacation spots in The Carolinas become one of references for those people who want to explore the beauty of United States. There are so many interesting and magnificent vacation objects in United States like The Carolinas, North and South Carolina. Every vacation spot in The Carolinas, United States gives unique and distinct beauty.  What are the recommended spots?

 Best South Carolina Travel Destinations


North Carolina is a part of The Carolinas. In this Carolina part, you can find some recommended vacation spots. One of the best vacation spots in North Carolina is Asheville. When you are in Asheville, it is an obligatory to visit Appalachian mountain for tourists. Though the location is in plateau and far from urban, it doesn’t mean that you’ll feel lonely. Asheville offers a fun and artistic situation with local people’s friendliness making you grateful to take a visit there.

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Hatteras Island

Another vacation spot in North Carolina is Hatteras Island. Outer Banks is not only a word boosting mood through the beautiful scenery of this island. It has calm and magnificent beach proposing a simply fun situation. The peaceful situation is ideal for those spending long trip for surfing, fishing, and scuba diving. In this island, you can see a magical view of picturesque sunset. That’s why it belongs to be the best vacation spots in The Carolinas.

 Best Family Vacation Ideas in North Carolina

Florida Keys

Florida Keys is a major spot for tourists’ attraction. It is right for those searching exotic experience about beautiful beach. It can be an ideal vacation spot for them. It has a small Palm island that is so famous. It must be visited when you are in South Carolina. If you come there for honeymoon, you can find high quality resorts to enjoy your quality time with your partner.

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Gaston Lake

Gaston Lake is located in the center of South Carolina. It is a peaceful lake in which you can gain unforgettable experience and relaxation. You can spend time with your family by sunbathing in the lake like or just enjoying some fun activities like hiking, boarding, skiing, and many more. Having a vacation in this lake is very appropriate for night barbeque and watch shining stars in the sky.



After exploring North Carolina, it is not complete without adventuring in South Carolina. One of the best vacation spots is Charleston. Historic Charleston is full of enchantments in South Carolina. This city feels so unique with farm landscape. You will enjoy amazing scenery and French quarter era when you are walking in Waterfront Park. The beauty of Middleton Place Garden will amaze you to stay there longer. At the night, you can involve a ghost tour to introduce scary sides of this city.

Best Vacation Spots In The Carolinas


Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a spring vacation spot in The Carolinas. This is also golf destination and family vacation trip. You can step first on the area of Carolina Opry or entertain yourself in Medieval Times to see your favorite figures. You can get close and be hospitable with fishermen in Springmaid dock. One of the interesting activities is hunting foods and goods in shops and restaurants in the complex of Myrtle Beach. Don’t miss to include it to be one of the best vacation spots in The Carolinas.