The Best Vacation Spots In The World

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World has more than enough spots for vacation. You can even spend entire life spending holidays in various places across the world yet you still cannot explore all the best places. So, it is better to pack your bag soon and come to one of these best vacation spots in the world for perfect holiday. Valuing a vacation spot doesn’t only depend on the natural attraction the related place has to offer but also other things like the accommodation, food and also cultures. So, our list we make below consider all those things to make sure you can get the best place for enjoying holiday.

 Best Vacation Spots In The World

Angra dos Reis in Brazil

Come to Brazil and enjoy beautiful vacation spots this country has to offer. But this time, you will not go to Rio de Janeiro. Instead, you will go to Angra dos Reis, a wonderful vacation spot located between Sao Paulo and Rio. This is a popular vacation area for both locals and foreigners who want to escape the crows. It has the long white sandy beach with perfect waves for surfing. On the waterfront, there are hotels and resorts to make sure you get to experience the best waterfront vacation with friends and family.


Belfast in Northern Ireland

Europe is not only about Britain or French but also the Northern Ireland with its famous city of Belfast. This place has becoming more popular for its great vibrant giving the perfect holiday. This city is full of open air bars, restaurants and also art venues to make sure you get the chance enjoying the laid back holiday. You can enjoy wandering around the city to witness the beautiful old architectural building and end your day at one of the best local restaurants for fine dining.

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Cambodian Coast

Enjoying Asian’s holiday doesn’t always mean enjoying the shoreline of Thailand. A country near to Thailand known as Cambodia is also as beautiful. This time, the Cambodian coast offers what you have been searching, the perfect sunny holidays. There are flights to the coastal Sihanoukville airport for closer steps to the beautiful coastline area. In this area, you can choose which island you want to explore. There are Russey Island, Krabey Island and many other islands. With less visitors, you definitely can enjoy some kind of private holiday with family.


Cape Town in South Africa

Fly a bit further to Cape Town in South Africa. As a capital of South Africa, Cape Town presents itself as vibrant city. But this town also has the beautiful iconic mountain backdrop with various choices of cinematic beach. At the same time, it also offers compelling design and art scene for every visitor to enjoy. And, you can also be a part of the wildlife conservation while enjoying your holiday. If you seek for unusual holiday, Cape Town is definitely one of your best options.

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Jura in France

Jura is the smallest wine region in France with wooded hills, Alpine peaks and rolling. This has been the perfect place for private holiday right in the middle of classic French’s vineyard. Of course, it also offers a variety of best local cuisine.

That’s a little info about Best Vacation Spots In The World, hopefully this little writing can be useful for you who want to go on vacation