7 Cheap Beach Vacation Spots in the World

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The beach is the best place to spend your holiday weekend. So here I’ll give you articles about Cheap Beach Vacation Spots. The beauty of the beach so amazing, so much once visited by people who want to vacation and also many lovers of photography who spent time on the beach. Here’s a 7 cheap beach vacation spot in the world that you must visit.


  1. Beach Maldives

Cheap Beach Vacation Spots

The first sequence there are Maldives, probably everyone already knows that the Maldives is famous for its beautiful beaches. This beach is located in the islands of Maldives 700 KM to the southwest of Sri Lanka. A very beautiful panoramic views make this beach is frequented by many people.

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  1. The coast of Anguilla

Cheap Beach Vacations To Take On A Budget

Second, there are Anguilla, famous with its exquisite stone makes it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you want to go at this place is in the eastern part of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. Invite all your family or your girlfriend for a vacation to the beach.


  1. Beach of Tavira

Cheap Tropical Getaways for 2017

The beach is situated in Tavira, Portugal rather the Portuguese East, there you will find a beach so beautiful, but the distance is kinda far so you must use a boat to get there, but you will not be disappointed because once you reach the beach of Tavira then you will be presented with a beautiful view of the beach. Because of the beauty of its beaches as the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.


  1. The Costa Del Sud

The Costa Del Sud

This beach is located in Italy at this beach you will also be presented with its blue water, water very clear so as to make the beach is so beautiful and very worthy for you to visit. Here you can play with your family and enjoy one of the cheap beach vacation spots in the world.

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  1. Beach Kondoi

Beach Kondoi

This beach is located precisely in the Asian country within Japan. This beach also had privileges no less beautifully with other beaches in the world. This beach is also a safe enough so that an awful lot of houses that are not locked for security is assured, so for security you don’t need to worry


  1. The Calanque d’E Vau, France

The Calanque d'E Vau, France

Cheap Beach Vacation Spots this time located in France. It’s been a long time that the French State is known as the most romantic in the world, especially the city of Paris visited so many people every day, but it turns out that France also has a very beautiful beach. But Vau Calanque d’E is quite difficult to achieve because you have to climb up and down the high limestone cliff.

But for those of you who do not want to climb the aada is another way to get to this beach by using boats. But even if you take the you can’t directly up here because the ship wasn’t allowed into this Shore Cliff niche so you should still proceed with paddling a kayak to be able to. This indeed is a bit remote, but if you made it to the beach then you are right to gain extraordinary beauty.

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  1. Navajo, Greece

Navajo, Greece

And the last one is located the lowliest Navagio Greece. These beaches can be visited only by using the ship because its place also secluded as Calanque d’E VA. But here you can find different things from other beaches because in addition to the blue sea water here is also a very unique wreck that add value to the history of this beach.

Okay, it might actually still an awful lot of Cheap Beach Vacation Spots in the world that might be more interesting to you, but before you go to the Beach the other try to pay a visit to one of the above the beach and experience the extraordinary beauty.