Top Cheap Vacation Spots in the US

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This was interesting to be discussed, the United States is indeed a very nice country, lots of Cheap Vacation Spots in the US. This time I will give a bit of information to you, vacation anywhere in the U.S. that is cheap for you visited with friends or family. And I am sure if you know there are a lot of inexpensive vacation spots in the US for sure you can’t wait to go there for a vacation

There are actually a lot of u.s. cities that have a very amazing attractions such as, New York, Florida, Los Angels, but other than that there are many more u.s. cities you should visit for a holiday and certainly cheaper. Okay directly only we begin reviews of Cheap Vacation Spots in the US:

Here are some list of vacation spots that can be visited:


San Francisco, California

Cheap Vacation Spots in the US

Neighborhoods in San Francisco is indeed very interesting. This place, you will be presented a beautiful views of San Francisco, also many places of great interest to visit such as, Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower and many more beautiful places in San Francisco

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Las Vegas Strip

Best Affordable Destinations in the USA

Who does not know the Las Vegas. A very famous place is already familiar to travelers that frequently visited the United States, located south of the Las Vegas Strip nevada desert known as the central place of the Casino. If you walk on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll be treated to a view of the mega resort and also a giant Casino with luxurious facilities.


Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is a waterfall that is located between the part of New York and the province of Ontario. The view from the waterfall is very beautiful and very stunning miracle might be in the US. Niagara Falls is divided into 3 parts that is Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. In every year of this place can be visited by about 14 million people and make Niagara falls as a Cheap Vacation Spots in the US.

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Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Not less popular Grand Canyon is also one of the favorite holiday spot for tourists visiting to the US. Canyon beautiful gorge carved by the Colorado River a little over millions of last years 1.6 KM in length and reaches 446 km. its Color is very beautiful and unique make the Grand Canyon is worth to visit.


The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge and connecting between San Francisco Bay and Marin County. The bridge is also considered as the most beautiful suspension bridge especially for lovers of photography. This bridge has been around since the year 1937 and is one of the longest suspension bridge in the world.

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Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort

the next Cheap Vacation Spots in the US is the Walt Disney World Resort located in Bay Lake, Florida. Have been opened since 1971 this place has managed to maintain its popularity as a garden for the family in great demand. To explore the whole of this place maybe you need more time because the place is pretty spacious

Okay that’s a little article about Cheap Vacation Spots in the US, may be useful for those of you who are going on a vacation