7 Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots in the World

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Who is person in the world who do not like the holidays, let alone on holiday with the family it’s the dream of everyone. But for those of you who want to go on vacation with the family, but doesn’t have a lot of money quiet, you can still vacation here I will give you information about 7 Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots.

Here’s an 7 Affordable Vacation Spots For Families:


  1. Bolivia

Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots

A country located in South America is indeed a small country, but the cost of living in this country is not so expensive compared to other countries. On the northern and Eastern Bolivia bordering with Brazil, as well as the borders with Argentina and Paraguay in the South and then Chile and Peru in the West. Even hotels who were there very inexpensive if compared with other countries in the Americas,

There you do not need to find a getaway for just walking around the city you’re treated to an interesting landscape, Bolivia is also famous with his people’s Party and also the authentic dances.

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  1. Bulgarian

Affordable Vacation Spots For Families

You need not hesitate to stay in this country, Bulgaria is the largest country to 16 in Europe. Usually the tourists often visit the city of Sofia which is the oldest town in second Europe. You can eat food and drink at low prices. There is also a museum of literature that you can visit. This country is perfect for you who want to know and also off the road closer to the arts.


  1. Indonesian

Affordable Destinations for a Family Vacation

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world, there are about 17,000 islands in the country this. A place that tourists often visit in Indonesia are Bali and also other cities like Bandung, Surabaya, and more. The country is very friendly to the settlers, the people are always smiling. Indonesia also has many very interesting culture, Here you will find the natural beauty of the most extraordinary and his prices are very cheap for a vacation.

You need not hesitate to vacationing in Indonesia because in addition to its beautiful nature, the price is cheap enough man. With $5 you can get a tasty meal in Indonesia. You will not regret visiting this country, and I think you should pay a visit to Indonesia

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  1. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka could also be the destination Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots, a white sand beach and the melodious waves add to the enjoyment of the country. With $20 you can already get a hotel here, and to get around the city you simply spend money $60-$70 just to rent a car.

Vacation with the family will taste delicious and cheap. How? You are interested in vacationing in Srilanka?


  1. Ireland


Who are the people that don’t know Ireland, Here a place of legendary vocal group Westlife, that is born. In Ireland you can visit Chester Beatty Library to see the world famous collection is open and you can also value the cheap shopping in Blackrock Market.

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  1. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

A country located in Central America is also worthy of your visit with your family. This country’s got an interesting view that is not outdone by other countries, with money $50 course you can already pack, the streets, and also stay in this country, once cheap isn’t it?


  1. Honduras


Just as the Dominican Republic, a country located in the central part of America may be many who do not know that the banana-producing countries also have a very beautiful tourist attraction. White sand and crystal clear water is not inferior to Hawaii or Maldives. With $35 you can eat as much as 3 times here.

This country’s most busy city is Puerto Cortes which was the banana trade in the country. I think you should not miss the place this one

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That’s a bit of information about Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots may be useful for those of you who want to vacation with family but just had a budget is small. It turns out that an awful lot of beautiful vacation spots in the world at an affordable price.