Secluded and Peaceful Romantic Getaways In Ohio

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Do you want to escape your hectic life and go on romantic getaways in Ohio? In Ohio, you can spend a romantic vacation with your loved one in the old American region, not far from the Amish village that still lives traditionally. The exact place is in the Woodbury Cabin, which is located in the Coshocton County, Warsaw, Ohio, in the United States.

Romantic Getaways In Ohio

You can spend a holiday there just together with your partner in order to free yourself from the boredom and fatigue you may feel due to work or family routine. If you live in Ohio to begin with, you may feel that its winter is never-ending, and may want a short getaway. Therefore, escaping for two to three days from your routine, and disappearing for a while from your daily life can feel invigorating.

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A Romantic Getaway at The Woodbury Cabin

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The Woodbury Cabin is located not far from the small shops of the Amish people, an American traditional community. Here, you can still feel the atmosphere of old American, far different from the usual view you see in cities and urban settlements. This Cabin is also near to farms. Around 30 km to the north you will find the city of Berlin, Millersburg, and Sugarcreek which are the biggest Amish villages in this part of the country.
From Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, traveling to Woodbury Cabin takes about two hours. During the trip, you may pass Amish people once in a while who are riding a black horse carriage, the traditional mode of transportation for them. It can be an impressive scenery for you being reminded that you are in actually in the developed country, the United States.

As soon as you arrive in front of the cabin that has 3 bedrooms, you may be greeted with the great friendliness of Shane, the owner as well as the manager of the Woodbury Cabin. He may explain to you the facilities and the important things surrounding the place you are staying in, and the fun activities that you can do.

Standing on a land of 42 hectares which is surrounded by hills and forests, the Woodbury Cabin really offers you peace and privacy. You will not see any other cabins around you, just hills that are surrounded by trees.

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Things to Do at The Woodbury Cabin

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For those of you who love fishing, there is a freshwater pool right in front of the cottage. You can freely fish without having a fishing license, and without being bothered by other fishers.

At night, you can make a bonfire in front of the pool. The kitchen that they provide are also really complete and may leave you flabbergasted. You can find in this kitchen all of the utensils that you may need. Starting from dishes, glasses, foil, pans, until cooking spices and cleansing soap.

After meals, you may want to stroll around the cabin, sit in front of the pool, and the enjoy the peace of nature accompanied with bird noises. You will feel a form of relaxation that you cannot picture with words. Truly far from the crowd and complications that life in the city brings you, this is definitely one of the best places for romantic getaways in Ohio.