Vacation Spots in Indiana With Families

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Indiana is one of the states in the United States, the capital is Indianapolis. In Indiana, vacations are not just spent visiting parks, lakes, beaches, museums, and cinemas. Sport is one of the best reasons to visit this city. There are some vacation spots in Indiana: the Indianapolis Zoo, the Marengo Cave, the Indiana State Museum, the White River State Park, The Children’s Museum of Indiana, Indiana Beach, Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, and many more.

Sports Events

Vacation Spots in Indiana

From the world’s largest and legendary race event, the Indianapolis 500, to the Pacers and Colts basketball team. The city offers plenty of opportunities to watch amateur and professional sports games, participation in athletic games, and visits to various sports museums. One on the most popular vacation spot are Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall Of Fame Museum, where you can take a tour of the famous race circuit (book tickets if there is a race) or visit museums dedicated to motor vehicles and race cars. For those of you who love sports, you will not regret visiting Indiana.

The Indianapolis 500 is a racing event held in Indianapolis, Indiana. This event is the largest racing event in the world. More than 200,000 people come to watch this event, which is held annually at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This event was held on the day before Memorial Day. In the span of 1950-1960, Indy500 races have also been part of the Formula One world championship series. You are be able to watch live races in Indianapolis Motor Speedway that you usually only see on television screen. You can feel your adrenaline raced up to see the world class riders spur the vehicle. It will certainly be an unusual and unforgettable experience. For those of you who want a vacation sports to Indiana, be sure to come when this event is being held.

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Museums Tour

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One of the uniqueness of Indiana is to have some museums associated to sports. The museum has a lot of the world’s largest, varied collections of racing, classic, and diverse collection of cars, including cars that won the Indianapolis 500. The museum also features a 20-minute movie about racing and highlights. There is also a bus tour that will take you around the race track with its guides. Other vacation spots favored by children is Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Children would love this place because in this great museum they can see dinosaurs, planetarium, carousel, science labs, library and much more.

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Natural Tourism

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Natural attractions in Indiana are numerous, including beaches, lakes, caves, and large rivers. White River State Park is one of the cheap but fun vacation spots. This park to myriad cultural venues also offers bike rentals, gondola rides and Segway tours. One of nature tourism which is also famous is Perfect North Slopes. This place provides rental of clothes and ski equipment. Many people spend their vacation time especially on weekend in Perfect North Slopes. The only fun outdoor activity when winter comes. Not only children, adults are also very fond of skiing and playing snow.

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